Friday, April 29, 2011

where are you?

3day without news. IDK if he okay or not. without any text, call, n so on. 
leave me without a words. leave me just like this. its make me worried.
its not funny. not a joke. its a true.. hmmm.. for how long dear? u wanna give me this?
aarrrrrrggggh! im hurting dear if u wanna know! its hurt me so much! 
its so much pain i've been through.. why u do this to me??
where are you? where are you? where are you????

you leave me alone without any words. without any news, arrgggggghh! its pain dude!
where are you? why you do to me like this? why why why??
aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh! like HELL my world without you!

im sorry if you go without a words bcoz of me. I KNOW IM NOT PERFECT

*xde mood nk berblog. without him i felt so weak. sorry just a short entry

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