Sunday, February 27, 2011

i love you! :)

syg.. i love u more than a words can say.. :)
i really mean it syg! tara tipu punya.. :)
mimpi mainan tdo.. hope u xcya la sume 2..
mengarut je .. :) jgn fkir bkn2 lagi..
i dont like syg.. i only have u! only u! :)
xpayah nk fkir2 yg i akan cari lain la..
sebab xkan pernah terjadi! :)
i hope u r my mr. right! :)
we've have been together for a long journey syg..
i adore u 4 the first time we've meet! :)
i hope can get married with u.. i hope..
u r meant to be mine! really hope that! :)

i still love u no matter what happend between us! :)
just remember that ok! i LOVE u forever! :)
hope that u wont dissapoint me syg.. :)
i really trust u n i tink!
im fallen in love with u again syg! 
like before since this morning! :)
thanks for being apart of my life! :)
i will appriciate u more after this! :)
no worry coz i really meant it! :D


topimagine said...

sayang menyayang.. saling percaya :)

rifqiela said...

hahaha =)